6/28/2012 0:52

Revealed the sites belonging to the Maliki coalition figures indicate the size of the wealth Speaker Osama al declared that he arrived in a short period to the threshold of "one of the world's wealthiest men , "
He said one of the websites run by the close of the Prime Minister, citing the Italian newspaper Federico did not allow for readings verify the validity of the quoted figures Manscher reference to the size of the wealth Najafi and asked him to explain that during the interrogation sessions on the sources of this wealth that he arrived a very short period
He said a coalition of law in more than one occasion that the possession of a lot of evidence that Ttpt ownership of this wealth of Ngeevi "
And select the paper wealth Nujaifi the following:

1 - financial assets in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Turkey are estimated at 2.07 billion dollars .
2 - Companies complete a company owned by Najafi 100%, a company Norcrom of chemicals Italy, company Araras Kono for the iron industry, Brazil, the company Noboto Business, General Trading, London, Al-Hadba Contracting Kurdistan, Inc., Banoraye, Russia, oil and gas .
3 - Real Estate, including 4 star hotels in Turkey 2 Building in Jordan 6 villas distributed in Turkey, Jordan and United Arab Emirates and Qatar ... And Kurdistan, Austria .
4 - a shareholder in the companies in the following proportions 13% of Hyundai Motor Company 4% of the oil company a German - English 9% for the production of pharmaceutical company in Turkey .
The newspaper confirmed that the wealth of the Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi estimated at 23.9 billion dollars, and that this figure could increase .