Call for questioning the legality of interrogation .. And Iraq: Maliki does not appear to hinder Parliament to host any minister of his government's future
Haider Ali Jawad - 28/06/2012 PM - 9:31

Description of the Islamic Dawa Party, the files in question to question the prime minister as "illegal," saying the interrogation of a political nature not agree with the rules of procedure of the parliament, while saw the coalition in Iraq in the lack of response of Prime Minister for questioning, disruptive to the role of regulatory parliamentary fact that the Prime Minister is a pyramid of executive power, in While Congress has ruled out a coalition of the same process of questioning or no confidence at the moment.

This comes at a time when Parliament announced a plan to prepare for the legislation of laws on time away from the political crises, but lawmakers from the Kurdistan Alliance believe that the plan will not be necessary efficacy in the absence of consensus.

Said Jabbar Kanani deputy in the National Alliance for the Dawa party / organization of Iraq that "the rules of procedure in the House of Representatives states that interrogation must be motivated and legal reasons are real, and not politically motivated," adding, "We believe that questioning a purely political, given that the questioner did not specify So far, the files you intend to question the prime minister it. "

He said Kanani said in an interview with "the world" on Wednesday, said that "the questioner does not have the legal files sufficient to enable them to interrogation process and, therefore, the prime minister will not respond to the interrogation process," adding files that announced by Iraq on Wednesday illegal.

In response to regard the Iraqi lack of response al-Maliki for questioning weakening of the role of parliament oversight, said Kanani that "Iraq and others have contributed to bad faith in the regulatory process of the parliament through the abortion of the processes of questioning took place in this session, they are responsible for disabling the supervisory role," adding that "Everyone is afraid of the the presence of the prime minister to parliament, so as not to expose the political blocs. "

On the issue of withdrawal of confidence from Najafi, between Kanani, "The National Alliance could collect a sufficient number to withdraw confidence from the Nujaifi of $ 163 deputies," Msttrda said, "but the Alliance does not seek to because it formed a committee for dialogue and reform task communication of parliament and Najafi to brief him on reservations Alliance on his performance as head of the House of Representatives. "

"We can activate the issue of withdrawal of confidence from Najafi, but now there is no actual intent to withdraw the confidence that we now call for reform of executive and legislative branches."

To that found Iraqi MP Ahmed al-Alwani, said in an interview with "the world" yesterday, said that "the oversight role of Parliament is disabled for a long time, and it should fix things more important than the oversight role relevant to it, given that the executive power weaken the oversight role through the failure of the President The Cabinet's response to the interrogation process in accordance with the Constitution and the law. " He added: "If the chief executive does not attend the meeting of the questioning, how can the ministers of others to respond later."

In the meantime, she's parliamentary coalition, the Iraqi Nada Jubouri, the conviction that the "open file withdraw confidence from the Speaker of Parliament, with the objectives of purely political and not related to the role the oversight," indicating that "the current conflict between the executive and legislative branches is normal and is present in most democratic countries" .She Jubouri, in an interview with "the world" yesterday, "The process of withdrawal of confidence hold things at the moment, and was supposed to MPs to investigate host monthly to the Prime Minister to answer questions from parliamentarians, according to the schedule continuously, in order to communicate first, and secondly in order to bind other ministers to walk in the footsteps of the Prime Minister ", and ruled out Jubouri for" any interrogation process to the Prime Minister in light of the crisis are still in the stages difficult. "

She "must reach the point of understanding enables members of parliament from a continuous host to the Prime Minister, and to achieve this time limit we need some consensus."

And the performance of the House of Representatives rejected Jubouri that "All laws are subject to political calculations," and confirmed "the presence of important laws are not rejected by one into law the retirement and career ladder and build residential complexes," adding that "the President of the House of Representatives had adopted the pass laws of life important to quickly, given that the Moaillon House to pass such laws on schedule. "

She Jubouri that "the House is convicted, but political parties are hampering the work of Parliament," pointing out that the Parliament does not work alone because he did not devise laws, but it receives from the government.

Confirmed Jubouri "low performance of the ministries in general, just off the improved performance of the parliament compared to the previous cycle," adding that "the country's economy is unclear due to lack of a plan of the Iraqi economy, as well as investment laws and wealth is incomplete, that meet the personal security of the citizen."

For his part, ruled out the MP for the mass change of the Legal Committee and member of the parliamentary spectrum Mustafa Amin "the possibility of commitment to the House plan set to pass laws on time."

Amin said in an interview with "the world" on Wednesday, said that "parliaments in the world do not adhere to its agenda, how the Iraqi parliament, so the plan set would be useless lot," adding that "the House of Representatives has the right as a nation to put a road map, but presidency of the Council and its committees as institutions is failing to disable the default rules, but always be political, as a result lack of consensus. "

And the process of interrogation of al-Maliki, said Amin, "The interrogation is constitutional if he had the things objectively, may not be of any minister or president to refuse interrogation, and if he refuses to be counted upon," considering the requirement of the Prime Minister to respond to the interrogation process reform of parliament, his regime and his performance, is " is not permissible, as interference in the work of Parliament. "

Amin said "not to submit a list of interrogation to the parliament so far," he said, adding that "the mass change to which he belongs will not participate in the process of withdrawal of confidence or questioning because they are not part of the government, nor of the blocks involved in the ministry."