Maliki planned to abort the questioning: declaration of emergency and arrest of the Iraqi Vice-
Posted 27/06/2012 09:26 AM

Babinaoz (Reuters) - accused the Iraqi lawmakers in the Axis Tripartite exhibition, which includes movement of Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr and the coalition "Kurdistan Alliance" headed by Massoud Barzani, and the "Iraqi" headed by Iyad Allawi, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of trying to abort the process of questioning in parliament in preparation for the withdrawal of confidence from it .

Sources familiar with the political "Sadrists" According to the "politics" Alkwytahan-Maliki, and with the support of two-way Iran is moving to thwart the efforts of his political opponents and stay at the head of government:
- The first is to declare a state of emergency in the country based on the confidence that the process is external plot and it will lead to the collapse of the democratic system and the escalation of terrorist attacks in Iraqi cities, a necessity to dissolve the parliament and the freezing of the Constitution.

- The second is the issuance of arrest warrants new a number of deputies of the coalition of the "Iraqi" to prevent them from voting in favor of withdrawal of confidence, or resorting to move his supporters to sit in front of the parliament and set up tents and the closure of roads for a long period may last for weeks or months what hinders hearings for questioning.

The sources said Sadr said some leaders in the army and the Interior Ministry sent letters supportive of the owners, which means that these leaders induced to stay in power and not to be bound by any decision of a parliamentary no-confidence from it, Miakd that these leaders taking advantage of the survival of Maliki and the fear that the lead removal to sacked from retaining their positions with the choice of a new prime minister.

The sources revealed that Maliki has already met with leaders of the military and security calculated it to make sure of their allegiance to him, as commander of the armed forces, if it goes the political situation to get worse, noting that the Prime Minister has also started to take some precautionary measures in dealing with the leaders of Kurdish and Sunni in the military and the Interior Ministry, fearing that their loyalty to the leaders of three opposition axis.

In this context, the MP said in the "Kurdish Alliance" Jassim Mohammed Hussein black for "politics" that the positions and movements of al-Maliki escalatory means that he has information confirming that his political opponents are determined to question him and that they will succeed in the withdrawal of confidence from it, adding that the choice of Maliki as prime minister was by political blocs and the solution is the difference between the blocks and place of the consensus that al-Maliki to step down.

He pointed out that the black-Maliki has more of a plan to disrupt and thwart the questioning in Parliament, where were many signs of it to demonstrate his commitment to power and he was ready to do anything to stay in office even if they request it to take steps outside the Constitution.

Kurdish lawmaker, warned al-Maliki include any attempt to encroach upon the legislative authority, questioning its strength and prestige, because the Iraqi state based on democratic parliamentary system.
He stressed that some parties in the "National Alliance" Shia is convinced that what is happening is the uniqueness in power by al-Maliki, and represents a coup against the partners within the alliance itself.

For his part, MP of the coalition of the "Iraqi" Ashour Hamid Saleh "politics" that the theme trio, which includes the coalition to which it belongs headed by Allawi and the "Sadrists" and the Kurds are convinced that al-Maliki has become a threat to the democratic process in Iraq and that change is necessary , so the interrogation plan and the withdrawal of confidence from the list in full swing.

He added that Maliki has to realize that the parties to the tripartite axis are not playing with no fear and they are serious in his threats to depose him and will do so soon.

And Saleh said the recent statements of the owners against the escalating political opponents and his threats to refuse questioning in Parliament and the accusations of some opposition MPs have deviated to prove that he receive ongoing support from Iran and by their strength.

He emphasized that Maliki can not dissolve parliament because the Constitution gives power to the solution of the deputies themselves, and all he can do is submit a request in this regard to President Jalal Talabani, and the latter then send it to parliament for approval or rejection by a majority of the votes.