Hakim al-Maliki calls to make contact with leaders of political blocs in order to avoid the current crisis
On: Wednesday 27/06/2012 22:10
Baghdad (news) .. called Mr. Ammar Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to make connections with the political forces to reduce the sensitivity list.
This came in a speech delivered by His Eminence in the celebration of the birth of the holy Imams Hussein and Abbas carpet and peace be upon them in his office in Baghdad on Wednesday.

But he stressed that: that the solution lies in the progress of political parties to each other, considering the stubbornness and do not take the way of solutions and the language of skepticism and mistrust will help to deepen the gap between the political parties, warning: that the sectarian and nationalist slogans will push Iraq toward the abyss.

He said the wise: that betting on the time in resolving the political crisis will rebound against the bulls and the results of that came the results will be temporary and, expressing his regret at the loss of influence because the speech solutions are difficult, noting that men experience the attitudes, not vice versa.

Hdhiralsid and Ammar al-Hakim: the risk of transfer of political struggle to the streets as some of the politicians, saying: that there are those who pay the street to the sectarian and national retrenchment, considering this defense played with fire and that everyone will pay the tax this play without exception.

Promised to Mr. Wise: Withdrawal of confidence from the government is not a viable solution and criticism of the government by the political forces who are parties to it is not a solution, and abuse and reduce the value of the House of Representatives step is successful, stressing: that the prime minister was the result of consensus and the confidence it must return to the same table that brought him and that the Parties shall submit its objections to the excesses of others and hear objections and complaints through openness and disclosure.

He also called for: the need to demonstrate political blocs Balmassarahh and disclosure, and leave the language of political favors that do not solve the problem nor the adoption of State, His Eminence, wondering Are we at the time of withdrawal of confidence? Is this a solution to the problems? What does it mean to withdraw confidence from the House Speaker, returned to withdraw confidence from the head of the House of Representatives a new fad of conflicts the political crisis.

He stressed: that the absence of trust between political parties is the problem that generate crises and lack of confidence is what drives politicians to go to the policy of breaking the bone that do not adopt the state, stressing: that the current Shahid Mihrab more beneficiaries of the early elections, but he does not find a call go to early elections solution is seen things realistically, returned call early elections, escape from the diagnosis of the problem because the result is the same formula in the secretion of the faces and the same leaders may decrease this list seats, or may increase other seats, as well as technical problems that come from commissioner elections and saying to postpone elections provinces in March next few customizations.

He noted Hakim: the threats of withdrawal of confidence in it to disable the House of Representatives and its role in the enactment of laws that serve the people and address the crises in its oversight role on the performance of government, warning that the disruption of the House of Representatives will make the country outside the framework of constitutional legitimacy, calling on everyone to work to restore the House of Representatives to legislative and oversight role.

The al-Hakim in his speech: that the births of the Imams pure and reminding people of the house as the best example, and that the movement of the Prophet (saw) and Imams pure peace be upon them were not an emergency, stressing: lessons inspired by the case of Imam Al-Hussein of how to install the case of Imam Hussein and epic nicer as a central issue in our daily lives, indicating the following: that the lesson in how to miss the opportunity to Almchocan and counterfeiters to project-Hussein (p), and another lesson in the investment of the event in the consolidation of the target and open the way for creativity and the horizon of public people, as well as good manners, inspired by the battle that turned into a school in placing the interests General, loyalty and chivalry and the right support. / Finished