Jaafari: National Alliance will remain a supporter of the government pushed forward to accomplish all the goals / expanded /
On: Wednesday 27/06/2012 23:53

Baghdad (news) .. The head of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari coalition keen on integration between the legislature and the executive branch, and that he remains a supporter of the government, pushed forward towards the achievement of all goals.

A statement of the Jaafari's office has received the Agency (news) a copy of it on Wednesday, the President of the National Alliance, as saying: The General Authority for the National Alliance of Iraq, held on Wednesday, the vast majority of the members of the National Alliance, indicating the following: that he reviewed the circumstances surrounding the Iraq issue various stages, indicating: a comparison between the conclusion reached by Iraq today, and it was previously.

He said al-Jaafari: discussed the problems and challenges that we faced in the road, but the determination of the National Alliance, and assemble the recipe, and his insistence on the bridge, and build relations with other alliances, gave the performance of the credibility of the national high so that it remained address each problem rather than in isolation from the rest of the parties, stressing: that Alliance confirmed his strong interest in the issue of bilateral integration between the legislature and the executive branch, and that he remains a supporter of the government, paid by, and supported by, and paid them forward the completion of all objectives.

He said al-Jaafari: We asked the Prime Minister, provide a full report, and spoke in detail about the political process generally, and operational work and achievements of the government, at the same time there was talk of the existence of challenges, and the government's determination to adhere to the policy of the Alliance.

He said: The National Alliance believed that the mechanism of natural and right is the adoption of a national dialogue with all parties, to take Iraq and lay the base of state law and state Constitution correctly, and with our Constitution allows, and with him in what is not allowed, even if there had been some observations it, but do not allow to bypass the Constitution, but to baptize development, constitutional ways, and look forward, and we look forward to the development of parliament in a parliamentary as well.

He noted the al-Jaafari to: The Coalition stressed the achievements and the committees that were formed as a committee of reform held its first meeting today, and set public policy, and identified mechanisms, indicating the following: it would hold its second meeting on Sunday. / Finished