Iraqi newspapers to refrain from publishing large files corruption for fear of interruption advertising

| On 2012-06-27 |

4:44 p.m.

BAGHDAD / electronic integrity

A source familiar with the Integrity Commission from the failure of Iraqi newspapers, independent and nonpartisan in Baghdad, corrupted files on the deployment of a major government ministries and state institutions for fear of interruption advertising fund.
The source for the newspaper "integrity of electronic" today that Iraqi newspapers, especially the independent or self-funded struggling to get on the announcement of tenders for publishing scandals or corrupted files in succession by the officials to cut advertising, he said, adding the presence of mafias up their profits to the millions of dollars annually The marketing agreement with the directors of advertising media offices in the ministries or staff.

He concluded his talk that the source more than the editors of newspapers and editors not to mention they send files for corruption of any ministry or institution provides them with the declarations.