Maliki's office: Prime Minister will be forced to call for early elections in the political blocs have rejected some of the dialogue

BAGHDAD - and babysit -
Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, he was forced to call early elections to resolve the current political crisis in the country in case of rejected some of the political blocs to sit at the table of dialogue. A statement by the Prime Minister's Office on Wednesday, "raised the statements made ​​by Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki After meeting with the leader of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari in the twenty-fourth of this month mixed reactions started from the background reading of these statements, which left some in the inadvertent error and the payment of others to deal with it politically motivated is not obvious to many people from inside and outside Iraq. "and" The Prime Minister reviewed in his remarks quickly risks facing the country due to successive crises, which is some partners by raising once in a while and what puts the Iraqi street, as stated in the text of his speech in a state of inflammation and the introduction of the country every day in the crisis. noting that "the purpose of the spark these crises successive Hoaaqh work of the government and the political process. "The statement continued," Maliki said there were clear violations of the constitution of those who know how to talk out loud and practicing a policy of imposing dictations on others is without doubt a way to cover up these violations and obstruction of dialogue and to sit at the negotiating table, a the only option I believe the Prime Minister firmly resolve the political crisis in the country and all the differences and the problems inherited from the former regime and the new. "He pointed out that" The prime minister reiterated that the legislative power is the most dangerous organization in the country as an authority representing the will of the people and grant legitimacy to the rest of the authorities which At the same time as the base engine for all the different state institutions. It is the logic of the great responsibility borne by the legislative power in the building of state institutions and accelerate the process of reconstruction and the provision of services to citizens, asked the Prime Minister in his remarks about the reasons that prevent the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to address and give priority to the many issues violates the Constitution explicitly related to the oil, which is the property of all Iraqis, borders, foreign relations and accusations of thirteen deputies for involvement in terrorist and kill innocent civilians and others accused of fraud and many other issues. "and went on the statement by saying," and over complicate things and doubles the obstacles facing the process of handling and integration between the three authorities legislative, executive and judicial attempts to Mr. Speaker that the abbreviated Parliament in person and his list through his performance, which is less Maigal him that he is not neutral and non-professional Among the many indicators that confirm this fact, his signature on a sheet of Arbil as the President of the House of Representatives with the others who signed on the paper were satisfied with signed on behalf of the bloc of political as that of President Jalal Talabani, who was present at the meeting declined to sign the paper, taking into account his position as President of the Republic, as well as the case of Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr, who signed his name only, without reference to he was the leader of the Sadrist movement. "He" and on this basis When refusing the other party to sit at the negotiating table and insists on the policy of raising successive crises including damaging heavy the higher interests of the Iraqi people, the prime minister found himself obliged to call for early elections be the word of adjudication for the Iraqi people, which is consistent with the Constitution and the mechanisms of democracy. "The statement concluded issued by the Office of the Prime Minister "and out of concern certain to develop the political process and strengthen the democratic experiment, the prime minister renews call for dialogue on the basis of the constitution and conduct reforms in all state institutions, particularly the three authorities with the profound belief that legislative authority, which gives legitimacy to the rest of the authorities need Links to the reform movement and strong and that the government will strongly support these reforms and it is committed to including in the constitution approved by the oversight and accountability of government to be this accountability is far from politically motivated and to achieve the interests of the country and the people. "