Posted 26/06/2012 08:14 PM

Najaf / follow-up to the East: the province of Najaf began issuing electronic fuel card, which came under the distribution of oil substance on the citizens instead of the ration card. The Chairman of the Energy Committee in the province of Najaf Talal Bilal: "The proposal put forward by the Committee of Energy two years ago, the oil ministry has not received an answer in a timely manner. Because of the urgent need to regulate the distribution of oil and gas on the citizens, the Ministry of Oil on the project at the beginning of this year. After submission to the provincial council got unanimous approval of the Council. "and Bilal:" The card is valid for extending electronic / 5 / years and the rate / 8 / thousand dinars. And that the contract with the company that issued the card distribution includes a card reader on the distribution outlets in sufficient numbers, and processing of the Directorate of the distribution of petroleum products to a charger electronic card and a database sober as well as training / 10 / staff for a month by the company to ensure the sustainability of the project and development human resources in it. " He said Bilal to: "The number of cards fuel electronic completed has reached more than / 30 / A card so far and the company continues to work and is about to issue more than / 256 / A card for all families Najaf." And the mechanism for the distribution of the cards said: " The process of distribution is done through Mokhtari residential neighborhoods in order to spare the suffering of the citizen review. "