Baghdad: Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's political opponents Sunday demanding the withdrawal of confidence from the government, to the table of dialogue, stressing "it is the sponsor solution" to address the problems. His words came during a meeting with a delegation of tribal leaders and notables in the Kurdistan region in northern Iraq, in which he confirmed at a depth of brotherhood between all components of the people, according to a statement from his office. Maliki said that "the break and close the doors of communication and dialogue does not serve anyone", he said, adding "I am against creating breaks and sensitivities between the components of the Iraqi people, which is the one people Pkrdh and Cart, and other components." It is said that relations between Maliki and President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani and to the extent of unprecedented tension, because of mutual accusations between the parties. And the escalation of tension following a claim supported by the forces of Kurdish Barzani to withdraw confidence from Maliki's government. Tensions escalated after the accusations put forward against Baghdad, the Kurdistan region of smuggling oil produced from its fields and the conclusion of oil contracts are illegal, the subsequent indictment Barzani of the owners of seeking F-16 fighter jets to attack the Kurds. Barzani and hosted a number of meetings to Maliki's opponents in Erbil to discuss confidence for his government, but they were unable to achieve sufficient numbers to oust him. He stressed that "to sit at the table of dialogue and understanding is the sponsor to resolve all problems." He addressed his opponents al-Maliki, saying that "Back to the Constitution is the one who saves for all the people and its components for their rights and prevent injustice." The Prime Minister stated that "Iraqis are closer to each other and they do not need intermediaries and agents of such party or regional reminded to enter them and pretend to championing the party at the party." For his part, the Kurdish delegation said they had come on behalf of elders and notables of Kurdistan to the need to express their willingness to pursue dialogue and direct meetings to resolve all disputes, according to the statement quoted. He quoted a spokesman for the delegation, "We came to the consolidation of our brothers and our people to deliver a message that Iraq is one of Zakho to the FAO and the Far East to the far West." "We want to consolidate these brothers and miss the opportunity to predators in Iraq," saying "they continue to make efforts to deepen communication and increase solidarity among the Iraqi leaders to serve the people of Iraq and its cohesion." And trying to list of "Iraq" led by Iyad Allawi and the Kurdish forces supported by the President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani and Sadr for weeks to withdraw confidence from Maliki's government on charges of exclusivity power. This represents one endeavor chapters in Iraq's political crisis, which began on the eve of the U.S. withdrawal before six months, and have become paralyzed state institutions and threaten the security and the economy