The formation of a committee of the National Coalition and Iraqi forces for the selection of the Ministers of Defense and the Interior
Baghdad / Orr News

A source in the National Alliance for the State of Law coalition will nominate senior agent of the Ministry of the Interior Adnan al-Asadi for the post of Minister of the Interior, stating that the parties of the National Alliance has several non-Asadi figures for this office.
The source, who declined to be named, told (Orr) that "a committee formed by the National Alliance and the Iraqi List, for the selection of appropriate personal to the Ministry of Interior and Defense," noting that "a coalition of state law has the desire to nominate a senior agent of the Ministry of Interior, while the National Alliance has Many of the characters for this office. "
The source added that "the selection of the characters back to the committee," explaining that although the choice is up to the two blocs and the Iraqi National Alliance, but the acceptance and rejection by the Commission would be the problem."