The Kurdistan Alliance, says that closing the subject of withdrawal of confidence, "possible"
24/06/2012 21:11

Erbil, June 24 (Rn) - The Kurdistan Alliance in the House of Representatives Sunday that the closure subject of withdrawal of confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's "possible", provided the conference and national reforms and the opening of a comprehensive dialogue between the parties.

And escalated the political crisis in the country after the recent calls for the withdrawal of confidence from the dismissal of al-Maliki and Parliament Speaker Osama al.

The country has seen since the exit of American crises such as the cumulative differences between Baghdad and Erbil, and charges for the owners exclusivity away from the decisions in the opinion of the partners.

The leader of the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman, a Kurdish news agency (Rn) that resolving the crisis "is possible if they (the parties) on the project Talabani on the basis of the National Congress."

It was supposed to meet political leaders to hold a national conference called by the country's leader Jalal Talabani earlier except that the intensity differences prevented that.

Osman added that the parties should be a comprehensive political dialogue puts an end to the problems among themselves over power-sharing.

He said, "If you agree with the other side (the Iraqi Kurds and Sadrists) that the dialogue being (with al-Maliki), it is possible to end up the subject of withdrawal of confidence."

Osman went on and said, "but what is in the present project is that the withdrawal of confidence from Mr. Maliki still stands."

And the recently announced co-Kurdish parties in the effort to insist that they remove al-Maliki from power. He said regional president Massoud Barzani today in a press conference with the foreign ministers of the European Union the ball in the court of the House of Representatives on the withdrawal of confidence.