Maliki to discuss with the delegation of Kurdish tribal ways of ending the current political crisis

Published on Mon, June 24 / و 2012 12:1 |

BAGHDAD / With: Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki "the depth of brotherhood" among all the components of the Iraqi people and his refusal to find any breaks and sensitivities between its components.

He said during a meeting with a delegation of tribal chiefs and dignitaries of the Kurdistan region, "I know more than others the nature of suffering and injustice experienced by the Kurdish people, and we must work together to raise what happened to our people from injustice and Gore over the past decades."

He added: "The break and close the doors of communication and dialogue does not serve anyone," adding: "I am against creating breaks and sensitivities between the components of the Iraqi people, which is the one people Pkrdh and Cart, and other components."

He stressed: "The reference to the Constitution is the one who saves for all the people of their rights and its components and prevents the access of injustice." Adding to sit at the table of dialogue and understanding "is the sponsor to resolve all problems," the statement said.

Maliki said: "The Iraqis are closer to each other and they do not need intermediaries and agents of such party the regional or the other to enter them and pretend to championing one side," calling for "increased communication among all Iraqis at all levels especially at the grassroots level."

For their part, members of the delegation said they had come on behalf of elders and notables of Kurdistan to the need to express their willingness to pursue dialogue and direct meetings to resolve all differences, according to the statement.

A spokesman for the delegation: "We came to the consolidation of brotherhood between us and our people to deliver a message that Iraq is one of Zakho to the FAO and the far east to far west, and we want to consolidate these brothers and miss the opportunity to predators in Iraq."

He referred to "continue to make efforts to deepen communication and increase solidarity among the Iraqi leaders to serve the people of Iraq and its cohesion." (Finished)