6-24-2012 Hammerman: Shabibi and Maliki both have departed from Iraq. They have flown to Switzerland and I have verified that they are in Switzerland. They're there because they have to do some signatures. I was speaking to a lady who spoke to the BIS and leaked the story to me. I know for a fact Shabibi and Maliki are with the BIS. Maybe they are making special arrangements for a rate. I caught wind of, just a rumor that we may get a low rate of around $1.80. Just a rumor. When you're a smart redneck like me I can put common sense together and get different pieces of the puzzle and put the puzzle together and get a pretty good idea of what's going on. Nowhere is it written that they need a GOI for the RV. Shabibi would prefer it but it's not required. GOI or no GOI, come later this year when Shabibi leaves office there will be an RV no matter what. He will not leave without an RV.