Damluji: Committee formed to question al-Maliki will present papers tomorrow
Haider Ali Jawad - 24/06/2012 AD - 12:55 PM | Hits: 48

Revealed a spokeswoman for the Iraqi List, for Maysoon al-Maliki submit a question tomorrow to the forces of Arbil, Najaf, indicating that the committee formed to prepare questions and files completed its work yesterday.

Said Damluji, said Sunday that "the Committee charged by the forces of Arbil, Najaf, preparing questions and files that will be in an interrogation session Maliki ended the work day yesterday," indicating that "the Commission will provide its leaves and the results of its work to the leaders of the forces of Arbil, Najaf tomorrow to finalize the as a prelude to question al-Maliki. "

Damluji indicated that "the files and the questions raised enough to convince everyone to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki to leave the office who is more worthy of the most efficient and led the country."

The committee formed to interrogate al-Maliki, made up of bright and Amir Naji al-Kanani on the mass of the free and the Haider and Salim al-Mullah for Iraqi, Khalid Shwani and Mohsen Saadoun from the Kurdistan Alliance.