Parliamentary blocs agree on the adoption of constitutional laws
24/06/2012 0:00

Parliament begins separated the new legislative approval of two pieces of legislation
Baghdad - Al Sabah
agreed parliamentary blocs yesterday to complete the adoption of constitutional laws, while the House voted on two bills. In the first session of the legislative term of the first year's third Legislature, which was held under the chairmanship of Osama al-Chairman of the Board of Representatives and the presence of 248 deputies yesterday , attributed Najafi on behalf of Parliament House a useful Baldawi of the death of his father and farmer Zaidan to death of his uncle, Mohammed Kayani, the death of his brother, Ali Baber of the death of his father. the other hand the Congress voted on the appointment of Kamran Messenger is capable member of the Supreme National Commission for Accountability and Justice instead of Hossam Abdel Latif Jassim Nariman. as House of Representatives approved a resolution concerning Iraqi asylum seekers deported forcibly from European countries and submitted by Jean-displaced persons, and the emigrants and the legal and human rights, foreign relations and the text "1 - reject the House of Representatives re-Iraqis living abroad forced to violate the principles of human rights and calls on the Iraqi government not to facilitating the procedures of refoulement .2 - on the Iraqi government to speed up the amendment memorandum of understanding signed between the Iraqi government and the Kingdom of Sweden, in particular paragraph 2 / IV. 3 - call the Ministry of Transport to impose fines on airlines contribute to the transfer of Iraqi anti forcibly .4 - We recommend that the Iraqi government work on an international conference to resolve this problem. "According to a statement issued by the information department of the Parliament has been postponed voting on the draft Law of the Fourth Amendment to the Companies Law No. (22) for the year 1997 and submitted by the committees of the economy, investment, financial and law Ministry of Women and Family Affairs and sponsored by the committees of women family and childhood and the law. However, the Parliament approved a draft law on seeds and seeds provided by the Committee on Agriculture for the purpose of organizing the rules pertaining to seeds and seeds and determine the relevant agencies of the mechanism of production and of ratification with the line and contexts universally adopted. were also voting on a bill stamp duty provided by the Legal Committee for the review of drawing the character, in charge of pay the fee and the method to meet the drawing and the penalties imposed and the amendment fee schedules, and the abolition of the law of the stamp duty number (16) for the year 1974 in proportion to the volume of services provided and the economic conditions experienced by Iraq. The Presidency of the Council of Representatives was held yesterday a meeting in the hall Constitutional Council with the heads of blocs and parliamentary committees to discuss the selection of members of the Electoral Commission for elections and provincial elections law, in addition to a number of important topics. The President of the House of Representatives at the start of the meeting which was attended by Qusay al-Suhail, First Deputy Chairman of the Board, Arif Tayfur Second Deputy President of the Council the importance of hard work and serious in the legislative year the new to achieve the aspirations of the people within the functions of the Council's work on both sides, the legislative and oversight. stressed Nujaifi that the council functions considerably during the next stage through to speed up the voting on important laws and reforms in the work of parliamentary committees, including contributing to the provision of the laws of serving the people , indicating the importance of the issue of resolving the selection of members of the Electoral Commission for elections and provincial elections law during the next few days in preparation for submission to the vote at future meetings.
The meeting reviewed the tasks and achievements of the parliamentary committees during the last stage and the most prominent laws that will be legislation soon after the completion of the study and make necessary amendments , which confirmed the Presidency of the Council of Representatives is ready to provide all the facilities and provide supplies necessary for the development work of the committees, noting its intention to hold a monthly calendar for the work of the committees manner that achieves the interest of the Council of Representatives and contribute to repair his work.
The meeting agreed on the importance of the completion of constitutional laws, as well as the identity of views on need to speed up the legislation of the draft law of the Federal Court and the Supreme Judicial Council, in accordance with the Constitution through to reach a reconciliatory vision about the points of disagreement.
turn, MP Abbas al-Bayati, the identification of the House of Representatives as the date for its committees no later than two weeks between the first reading and second reading of bills.
promised Bayati " morning, "resolution" in furtherance "of the process of legislation of laws as soon as possible, to keep the laws disabled for a considerable period between the first and second readings." He added that the House will see during the legislative term Third, legislation, a large number of laws, especially laws service.