Reveal for the Iraqi majority to withdraw confidence from the Maliki and hours to announce the questioned
SATURDAY, JUNE 23, 2012 14:26

Twilight News / detection of the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi, on Saturday, getting their parliamentary majority to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, likely determine the name of MP it costs over the next few hours.

The MP for the coalition and Iraqi units Jumaili after getting out of a meeting of Iraq before the parliamentary session on Saturday, in remarks to "Twilight News", "Iraq, insisted in the meeting to continue to walk and determination in the case of no-confidence in Prime Minister Maliki," asserting that "the This decision was taken unanimously and with all the components of Iraq. "

She Jumaili that "Iraq was sure to get a majority in the House of Representatives to withdraw confidence from Maliki," indicating that "the legal committee set up by the political blocs for purposes of interrogation decisions will be issued today or tomorrow about the mechanism of interviewing and interrogation, al-Maliki."

The head of Iraq's Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani yesterday warned of disastrous consequences of the current crisis with Iraq, and demanded by the radical and restore the situation to its predecessor and to address the emergence of dictatorship in Iraq again.

Closed at the time of the Iraqi List, the way to the efforts of the President of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim to bring the views, saying that the time for dialogue is too early to go and is confined to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

A spokesman for the movement of reconciliation Hadi Zalmi in a statement reported for "Twilight News", the proposals adopted by the wise are the same as that posed by Iraq in the early, not fallen on deaf ears, and even social Erbil, Najaf was given an opportunity for dialogue, but the rule of law, he never displayed promiscuously positively with the proposals.

He expressed his conviction that Zalmi too late on the move, and political blocs are trying to go step-by-questioning and a vote of confidence, which is more useful, and which they can resolve the differences and correct the paths of the political process.

In the meantime, the transfer of the statement, issued by the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region, for Barzani as saying that Iraq is in serious crisis and evasion of the solution to the crisis would be a major disaster.

He said Barzani, during a meeting with a delegation from the Party of the nation of Iraq, "We thought that the constitution would put the country on track and the Constitution is a reference to address the problems, but unfortunately non-compliance with the Constitution and neglect created the current crisis, a situation which is unacceptable in any form requires radical solutions in order to restore the situation to its predecessor and to address the emergence of dictatorship in Iraq again. "

In the meantime, take the Kurdistan Alliance yesterday demanding Maliki's House of Representatives to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the issue of infringement of the constitutional powers to try to influence the efforts of questioning.

A spokesman for the coalition supporter holding good to demand a special meeting of the House of Representatives to discuss the encroachment on the powers of government are attempts to gain time and the impact on the efforts to withdraw confidence from the government.

The good that this is something new we have not heard of it before and is well known that the House of Representatives is to examine the executive branch with regard to the government, it is their right to challenge laws passed by the Council of Representatives, With regard to the abuses of executive power on this precedent have not heard of before.

He has declared that the crisis of confidence for his government has passed, and called on political parties to take advantage of the pros and cons of the political crisis, but some of the parties are still committed to the option of removing Maliki from office.