Urgent .. Najafi reveals the names of claimants and dismissing al-Maliki held a legal amendments to pass impeachment

06/23/2012 11:20

Revealed the governor of Nineveh Ethel Nujaifi that there are attempts to Congress dissidents for the Iraqi List in Nineveh to his dismissal, stressing that the prime minister had to pass legal amendments that dismissal does not meet the conditions established by the Constitution.

Nujaifi said during a press conference held in the building to maintain that a number of deputies for the province of Nineveh, had applied to the Prime Minister's dismissal of the governor of Nineveh was signed at the request of Ahmed Jubouri and cognizant of and Maysa al-Tai, safe, Saadi al-Yawar, stressing that the Prime Minister held a legal amendments to pass the dismissal that do not meet the conditions established by the Constitution .

He explained that the request for dismissal, stating also that the governor of Nineveh province is trying to make a deal concerning Nineveh with the Kurdistan Regional Government and oil companies and others harm 'families maintain as raising demand an official letter to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives for the purpose of the governor, as is Chairman of the Board Representatives formed a committee to investigate the facts about the Helms demand and will reach the next week to Mosul