National Alliance: Maliki not to question the (national) Saleh al-Mutlaq

A leading figure in the National Alliance, said Prime Minister Minister Nuri al-Maliki does not doubt for a moment to "national" his deputy, Saleh al-Mutlaq, and also sure of the non-inclusion in the law of de-Baathification, but tired of the "volatility of temperament, including signals that al-Mutlaq, a soggy as the popular proverb toddler" in the the words of the source
The leader in his own for "Orr News that" al-Mutlaq does not pay attention to the exits of his words, and is located in the outlawed and there Atges in the session host a tribal, not a politician responsible for what utter, and when asked in private, do-Maliki really a dictator, he replied Mutlaq text "does not God does not dictatorship or anything Avatar Media requires such statements, "adding that" the recurrence of this answer on many occasions, and not to any MPs from the state law, a definitive answer on the volatility of temperament political, in spite of national positions taken, including the positions known to him percent during the day set by al-Maliki's cabinet after the events of the twenty-fifth of February in Tahrir Square, to demand services, as well as being excellent administrative class, and successful in the management of the files entrusted to him al-Maliki.
It is worth mentioning that the De-Baathification Commission decided to cover the President of the National Dialogue Front, Saleh al-Mutlaq, not to participate in the legislative elections of 2010, because he said on one occasion and during the voting process, he voted in favor of the Baath Party, according to the testimony of Arif Tayfur, Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives, but Resolution lifting the mop with him pursuant to the agreements of Arbil and the assumption by his deputy prime minister.