Vice Kordstani: Barzani will not back down on the withdrawal of confidence from the Maliki

Arbil (news) .. MP for the / Kurdish coalition blocs / Burhan Mohammed Faraj, the absence of external or internal pressure on the Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani, to undo the subject of withdrawal of confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, adding that he would not back down on the no confidence resolution, but the implementation of agreements.

Faraj said in (of the Agency news): The Kurdistan Alliance bloc seeks to correct the course of the political process and reform of all state institutions, where the decision to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki for these reforms and is not targeted to a person al-Maliki.

He added that all political parties and especially from the coalition (ie, Maliki) and the National Alliance demanding the application of the Constitution and the application of the Erbil previously signed between the political blocs and between the coalition (state law), and carry out reforms, ministerial and provide services for the Iraqi people, and the ball in the court of the National Alliance and especially a coalition of state law to apply the previous agreements, resolving the crisis.

It is worth mentioning that the crisis, the current policy continues, after efforts to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister al-Maliki, to turn his opponents to the option of questioning in the House of Representatives as a way another to achieve their goal after he refused to President Jalal Talabani signed the request of withdrawal of confidence, and to challenge validity of signatures of the House a coalition of state law.

Is still the political scene dominated by policy action and reaction counter, when decided opponents submit a request to interrogate al-Maliki, responded last request to withdraw confidence from the House of Representatives Speaker Osama Najafi, as well as Turahqat media mutual threatening to expose the abuses and violations of constitutional and determine how each other, what pour oil on the fire and increases the severity of the crisis already raging.