Attorney Karbouli: Maliki is required to determine a new date for the National Conference

HUH ????

Baghdad (news) .. Called MP / coalition in Iraq / Karbouli Mohammed, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to determine a date for a new national conference, stressing that dialogue is the language of the solution to the political crisis.

Karbouli said (of the Agency news): Prime Minister to renew his call for dialogue with political parties by setting a date for a Almutmr national return to work committee set up by the National Alliance to convince the rest of the parties opposed to the utility or necessity of his presence.

He added that most of the blocks trying to see the reality of an initiative by the Prime Minister to resolve some outstanding issues, to get assurances initiates the dialogue.

The Karbouli: that dialogue is the best language to resolve the crisis, and it is the dialogue can not resolve any problem or pending issues, especially as the country now needs to dialogue to resolve the crisis.