Baghdad / WAP / MP of the coalition between the state law on the Keywords that national meeting to be held soon will be all the files in the field of executive and legislative, judicial and independent Creation and the relationship of the central government in the Kurdistan Region and the rest of the provinces.

And he said: told Baghdad International / WAP / that the issue of questioning the Prime Minister in Parliament excluded now according to the hypothesis that a national meeting is the best solution and is the natural result, indicating when there are attempts of the political blocs to withdraw confidence from the government is not working out a solution and The solution is in our view a national meeting.

He added that the first option to withdraw confidence from the government through the President of the Republic has effectively ended ( I guess we will have to see what Saturday and Sunday bring )and that the political parties sphincter on the subject says it has other attempts to implement this project believing that these attempts will not do any good and will not be productive.