Khalid al-Asadi: subject of withdrawal of confidence from the al-Maliki has become of the past and his Augod

Baghdad / WAP / MP, a coalition of law Khalid al-Asadi said efforts were now concentrated in the National Alliance and the rule of law for a decade and the success of the national meeting and start a serious dialogue between the political blocs to emerge from the current problems.

He said al-Asadi told Baghdad International / WAP / that the issue of withdrawal of confidence from the government ended up no longer exists and therefore on the political blocs that are looking for other options because the option of withdrawal of confidence is no longer the appropriate option and would not reach the desired result of it, noting that the National Alliance renewed his call to hold a national meeting to address outstanding issues in the spirit of constitutional and consensual out by the efficient and helpful, adding that the preparatory committee for the national agenda of the meeting completed its work and that most of the issues on which an understanding was reached through many sessions.

He said he was submitted final paper to President Jalal Talabani, and to all the political blocs, so it is possible to adopt for the next meeting and can also adopt all the new ideas that are put forward by the political blocs for discussion and understanding them and move forward to finding a constructive dialogue to serve the political process.

The MP for the coalition of state law on the Keywords said the national meeting to be held soon will be all the files in the field of executive and legislative, judicial and independent Creation and the relationship of the central government in the