(UR) you get the security questions in the interrogation of al-Maliki
Created on Fri, June 22/2012 7:29 يونيو | |

Baghdad / Orr News

I learned the agency (Orr) from reliable sources that the most important questions to be addressed to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the security axis on the legal status of Under-Secretary of the Interior Ministry older Adnan al-Asadi, and al-Maliki's strong man in it.

The sources close to the committee questions the interrogation of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said the interrogators al-Maliki want to know the legal basis by which to be Adnan al-Asadi senior agent of the Ministry of the Interior, and justify it that al-Asadi had resigned from his post in the Interior, and after he entered parliament, also resigned to return, illegally, according to sources, to his agent earlier in the Ministry of Interior.

Sources confirm that I talked to the Agency (Orr), that the real situation of Mr Adnan al-Asadi, it's not a vice, not as an agent of the Ministry of the Interior, as he submitted his resignation from the official sites, and wondered how he returned to his government has officially resigned from it?

And accuses the Commission of interrogation, according to sources, Adnan al-Asadi of squandering public money and that he practiced a double standard about the defendants, revealing that Adnan al-Asadi is supporting and funding a number of large media organizations such as newspapers and satellite channels, taking advantage of government money. And the movement of the sources for the Commission on the Status of interrogation questions as saying that al-Asadi was allocated five of the elements of protection to the editor of a local newspaper which buffeted sex scandal posted on YouTube, in addition to funding the satellite channel near (by invitation) of government money as well.

Among the questions to be addressed to Prime Minister Maliki on the actions of Adnan al-Asadi, according to sources, relating to Pavrajh for a newspaper editor accused of terrorism, as well as the extension of protection to the editor facing towards the (300) lawsuit concerning the crimes of various moral crimes, while there are hundreds of innocent detainees in the prisons of the Ministry of Interior.