A member of the Iraqi National Alliance for the free stream Fawzi Akram Tarzi that the current tends to the establishment of a state of law and the system is built on the basis of scientific, professional and not to encroach upon the Iraqi Constitution.

Tarazi said in a statement singled out by the Agency correspondent central Iraq news agency (WAM) that the parliament is the last al-Faisal on Saturday where there will be a decision first and last and by representatives of the people who are also elected at the Revolution radiation.

وHe added that we respect all opinions and ideas, especially that we are on the verge of a democratic process is unique in the region, and certainly there is a conflict of some of the ideas, decisions, and also of interest, but we want to be these decisions are Iraqi decisions purely out of foreign interference and regional, including the occupation and we want to be all decisions from the heart of Iraqi exchange and would be interested Iraqi National High above all considerations and the interests of this people Almdilom who suffers from a lack of services and other things that weigh heavily on the Iraqi people, adding that the coming days will witness a breakthrough national in this regard and will serve the interests of this people. http://translate.google.com/translat...5A9/15451.html