Kurdistan Alliance: Moussaoui's statements constitute a clear threat to wage war against the future of the Kurdistan Region

Khandan - An spokesman for Kurdistan Alliance bloc supporter of good that «the parties seeking to withdraw confidence from the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has formed a joint committee by two members from each of the Kurdistan Coalition and Iraqi forces and the Sadrist movement to begin to take the necessary measures for the process of withdrawal of confidence from al-Maliki in parliament».

He explained Tayeb told «Middle East» that the said Committee will meet within the next few days to prepare a paper to question the prime minister, and first step will be to determine offenses of constitutional and in particular breach of al-Maliki to the principle of national partnership, which confirms the Constitution, as well as the security file, and file services and corruption.

He added: «After the preparation of a paper questioning We will request to Parliament to call al-Maliki and questioned in open court, and if not convinced parliamentarians Bojobth, then we will try to collect signatures of the required number of members of Parliament to achieve the ratio of legal set the rules of procedure to request a withdrawal of confidence from it, has the right to object to the Court Federal at all stages of the interrogation and the withdrawal of confidence ».

On the news reported recently the existence of intention by the leadership of the Kurdistan Region to withdraw Minister Kurds Maliki's government if efforts fail to withdraw confidence from it, said a spokesman of the Kurdistan Alliance: «I have not heard something like this, this option is, currently, and have been discussed».

He noted good to the subject considered serious and that reference to the statement by Ali al-Moussawi adviser to Maliki, who made statements which warned of the occurrence of an internal war in the event of continued Government of the Territory to the implementation of its contract with the company «Exxon Mobil» oil, and said good that «the statements made by al-Musawi is acceptable , they constitute a clear threat and clear waging a future war against Kurdistan, because these statements to justify the position of hostile from the territory of Kurdistan, and this is extremely dangerous, especially as there was a proposal to the Iraqi government is talking about a new administration in the disputed areas, which make a change and manipulation in the management of those areas, and I think that any change in the reality of those areas without consultation and approval of his government and the leadership of the region, will lead to a disastrous war, and that any escalation in those areas will be political and security situation more complicated than they are .. Thus, the threat of war against the future of Kurdistan is not acceptable, may not be the politicization of the Iraqi army and implicating him again in the political conflicts ».