Date: Thursday, 21-06-2012 01: 54 pm

Baghdad (newsletter) ... Economic Committee decision confirmed Deputy//Kurdish Coalition, mohama Khalil first meeting that will be held next Saturday too noisy and with economic topics, "exclusively".
Khalil (News Agency news) on Thursday: the members of the Commission will insist on adopting laws that have been reading first and postponed to unknown logo.

He added: the political crisis "saddled" many important laws which have not been implemented and that did not proceed and which include code infrastructure and oil and gas law, investment law and consumer protection law and other laws regarding the protection of product and tariff Act.

He added: the first infrastructure code that will be approved after laws that repeated reading and modifying certain paragraphs being important laws which would provide many jobs for the Iraqi citizen and building many facilities vital task.

And invited the Kurdish deputy from Coalition: Government work and operationalize many tariffs Act most laws and national product protection law and antitrust Protection Act and the consumer protection act and the investment law No. (13) of the year (2006) as laws complement each other and transform the economy to a market economy and the privatization of global market and market success requirements./finished/21 n. p.