Najafi: no objection to the request to withdraw Show me the confidence of Parliament and the forces of Arbil does not intend to withdraw its ministers from the government

Euphrates said House Speaker Osama al he does not mind display request to withdraw his confidence Astthsal if a sufficient number of signatures Mbibna that the office is not restricted to it.

Najafi said at a news conference in the parliament building and was attended by the correspondent of the News Agency {Euphrates} today that "no objection to the display request to withdraw my confidence if there was sufficient quorum of signatories to the demand."

He added that "any request for the withdrawal of confidence, whether the Prime Minister or President of the Council of Representatives or the President is the constitutional demands of Okhov and their impact on the Iraqi people because the ties that bind the components of the Iraqi people a strong and solid and can not be shaken."

He explained that "the political blocs that demanding the withdrawal of confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will continue their proceedings according to the information available within two or three days of a request to question al-Maliki."

He continued that "the motion will include specific questions will be answers to specific well and if those answers are not convincing vote in parliament to withdraw confidence from the Maliki and if the answers convincing you will not be done," and expressed hope that the deal the House of Representatives professionally with the motion as well as the prime minister said respond to demand and deal with him professionally. "

He noted that the "question the prime minister is normal and is the case in countries that adopt democratic system in the management of its affairs."

And on the statements that indicated that al-Maliki will reveal if questioned about corrupted files Nujaifi said that "to cover up the corrupted files, or a lawsuit is a step contrary to the Constitution nor is the method in the management of the state," stressing the need to display those files can not be retained. "

He stressed that "the demand to withdraw confidence from Maliki is not a personal target, but is designed to modify the political track," noting that "the political blocs do not intend to withdraw its ministers from the current government as part of its effort to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki."

Najafi, denied that "Dragging confidence in the Prime Minister to withdraw confidence from the other presidencies."

And oil contracts in Kurdistan "The country is still governed by the laws of old since the former regime, these laws make it essential to inform the Parliament on any oil contract is concluded."

He added that "the legitimacy of the oil contracts are not clear and that counting the enactment of the oil and gas, which will contribute to the explanation of many things are not clear," adding that "the Constitution is clear and that the laws prescribed by Parliament are illustrated."

And the lifting of the concrete barriers around Parliament Najafi said that "this move was rejected by the place of Parliament and we have disabled always in parliament", announcing today that the government has prepared concrete blocks around the parliament building. "

He added that "security and stability is never achieved in the country in order to raise the concrete blocks and there are still kidnappings and murders of employees exposed to it the parliament."

He said, "If some believe that security self-sustaining Vadau to lift all the concrete blocks for buildings Wazzrarat provided, however, the government pledged to provide the protection of citizens."

And on the possibility of a meeting held with al-Maliki said Najafi said "no point in holding a meeting does not discuss the serious problems and differences, but if the meeting on the reform of the existing imbalance would not mind meeting was held."

He noted that "the current situation of the country requires the establishment of a genuine partnership to get rid of all the problems facing the country."