League: Iranian pressure on Talabani would fail

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. confirmed that the Iraqi List MP for the reproach that any periodic pressure on the Iranian President Talabani will fail in the practice of referring Iran to put pressure on the Iraqi president to thwart the project confidence or emptied of its content.
The league said in a statement to the Agency / Baghdadiya News / Thursday, that "Iran is putting pressure on President Talabani to disrupt the project to withdraw confidence from the government of Prime Minister Maliki or emptied of its content."
She added that "any attempt to interfere in Iraqi affairs are doomed to fail because the Trinity the political goal of the mass of Iraq and the Sadrists and the Kurdistan Alliance is determined to continue the project to get rid of the approach sectarian of the current government and the policy of exclusion and marginalization and the abolition of the partner as it seeks to establish a state of institutions and the peaceful transfer of power and the launch of freedoms and lack of muzzle the mouths. "
She league that "the government's decision to shut down Baghdadiya News from working in Iraq is the best evidence of the policy and approach the Maliki government to freeze and the absence of the role of brokerage fourth in uncovering the truth," pointing to the importance of his involvement played by the channel in the presentation of the truth and reveal spoilers and taking cover them. "/ Finished / 21