Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Abdul Abbas Shiaa, of the State of Law Coalition described postponing the parliament session, which was supposed to be held on Tuesday, as "Unjustified", assuring that "The current time needs to hold the session and not postponing them."

Speaking to All Iraq News Agency (AIN), he stated "There are many important law drafts that all the political blocs agreed upon and they just need to be endorsed."

"Lifting the concrete barriers from the parliament building is not a reason to postpone the session and it does not have a political purpose," he added, assuring that "The accusations of lifting the barriers to target the parliament is incorrect because the parliament is comprising all the blocs and all of them will be targeted if it is true."

"The security forces are qualified to lift the concrete barriers and they know well the security situation and the procedures that need to be followed," he pointed out.

He called the parliament to "Compensate the sessions that were supposed to be held form the 14th of June till 23rd in order to practice the legislative and observary role of the parliament."

The parliament postponed holding its session, which was supposed to be held on next Thursday, till next Saturday.

The Iraqiya Satellite Channel reported "The parliament postponed its session till next Saturday to complete the procedures of protecting its MPs and employees."

Earlier, Baghdad Operations Command lifted the concrete barriers around the parliament building.

The parliament employees suspended their work protesting the procedures of BOC. /End/