Iraq: the Dawa Party, to campaign Nujaifi to cover up the failure of Maliki

Promised the Iraqi List, the propaganda campaign against its Speaker Osama Najafi MPs from the Dawa Party and their allies come to distract attention from the real crisis of al-Maliki alone in the governance of the country.

The head of the parliamentary bloc of the Iraqi list Salman Jumaili, on Wednesday told (Orr): "We will confront this campaign as they are when asked to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki because we believe in the political process and the democratic game and if the Vice-Dawa Party and their allies are able to gather the votes to remove Nujaifi Presidency of the parliament, we will respect this will, even if contrary to personal conviction and will not act as they acted. "

He added that "the Dawa Party, if the insured the game of democracy to the accused of the national forces seeking political reform through the withdrawal of confidence plotters or traitors, or they seek to subvert the political process because that it was guaranteed Aldsto," noting that "the Dawa Party and their allies to behave according to this perspective and put the interests of Iraq and Iraqis, above all else. "

The Jumaili that "Najafi national figure has proved its worth by the method of management of neutrality in the House was built institution of the presidency on the expertise and consultants from all spectrums of the Iraqi people to reverse Foundation Council of Ministers, which subsided in the circle of narrow partisan and this evidence of the fairness of the approach adopted by Najafi" .