A source reveals: Maliki told Obama that the contracts (Exxon Mobil) threaten the unity of Iraq and the war would fuel

BAGHDAD / Knights of hope
A source in the prime minister, said Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki warned that the contracts for ExxonMobil U.S. oil with the Kurdistan region represents a serious gesture, stressing that he would go to the "maximum degrees to preserve the national wealth."
The source said that "the prime minister and when he got the information about the contract and that Exxon Mobil is the conclusion of agreements, last week sent a letter to President Barack Obama urging him to intervene to prevent Exxon Mobil from going in that direction."
Exxon Mobil signed on October 18 last contract with the Government authorities of the Kurdistan region of Iraq to invest six oil fields, some of which falls within the disputed areas in Nineveh, which was rejected by the federal government as illegal and unconstitutional.