Change: we will resort to the Federal Court to sue the governments of the province and Baghdad

BAGHDAD - A citizen said Mohamed Tawfiq, the leader of the mass change (Curran) led by Nawshirwan Mustafa, the intention of mass asylum to the Federal Court to file a lawsuit against each of the provincial government and the federal government, and charges relating to deliberately delay the budget of the province, and the withholding of $ 8 trillion dinars reported by the Baghdad government . said Tawfiq told Baghdadi News that "the right of any political component, and even if it represents the opposition bloc in the regional parliament in Iraqi Kurdistan, to take advantage of the powers of the Federal Supreme Court to resolve contentious issues, and this falls within the scope of its powers." and that "mass will raise the two lawsuits separately first against the Baghdad government charges do not include the region's share allocations of private peshmerga, which led to the accumulation of the amount of eight two billion dinars, is the region's share of the federal government, while the provincial government responsible for not approve the budget for 2012 so far, the approach "chaos and deception and breach of the law, which caused many problems within the region. "". and hold the Kurdish parliament a series of sessions devoted to discussion of the budget that delayed approval of nearly eight months, the last two sessions held on Saturday night attended by the ministers of finance and planning in the province, the center of heated arguments and recriminations. in turn accused the Kurdish list that represent the two main parties, led by Massoud Barzani and Jalal Talabani, blocks the opposition to create chaos in the parliament sessions as well as to follow the style of deception, conspiracy and breach of the law, within the framework of its plans for the abuse to the draft budget and deform and reduce the positive aspects ", loaded Baghdad responsibility" to delay approving the budget Federal and non-payment of allowances region since 2007, especially the expenses of the Peshmerga and the sovereign expenditure which exceed 6 trillion dinars, creating. "Adzasnuya," adding that "the ruling parties deliberately delayed the submission of the budget for the regional parliament to approve, they are trying to be passed without debate or amendment, and this breach legal must be held accountable for it, and we as parties opposition insist that the budget discussion and revealed gaps and tackling corruption and waste of public money. "". and declared Party (change) the formation of a committee composed of journalists and activists civilians to organize demonstrations and wide in the event of adoption of the budget and failure to address the gaps that riddled , and not announce the details of public opinion. in said block Kurdish in Kurdistan parliament on Tuesday that it is too early to talk about the exit of demonstrations against the draft budget for 2012. said Suzanne Shahab-President of the mass Kurdish in an interview with "Twilight News" that "it is too early to protest, We do not need demonstrations. Has yet to enter into the discussions. " But Shihab, said that discussions were held on the report of the Finance Committee in the Parliament of Kurdistan and the reports of committees of the Parliament of Kurdistan and the 19 Committee. said, "it was given the opportunity for the government to read the report and also given the opportunity to Ministers of Finance, Planning and Finance to respond to questions members of Parliament. "concluded Shihab said," we have discussed so far only the report of the Finance Committee and committees of Parliament ... Did not get into the details of the budget "for 2012.