BAGHDAD, June 19 (AKnews) - The Kurdish Blocs Coalition (KBC) today called on all political parties in the country to accept the results of the interrogation of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, considering it to be a practice guaranteed by the constitution.

Coalition spokesman Muayyid Tayyeb said: "The interrogation and the disbanding of the parliament and early elections should be seen as democratic practices. The two Kurdish parties agree with each other despite the differences between them.

"There are representatives in the preparing committee to question the PM from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and another from Kurdistan Democratic Party."

The blocs seeking to withdraw confidence from Maliki formed a legal committee that includes two representatives from each party and began its work yesterday in Erbil to prepare files to interrogate Maliki in the Council of Representatives after the failure to obtain the support of Talabani to withdraw confidence.

Despite the insistence of Iraqiya, the KBC and the Sadrist Movement to withdraw confidence from Maliki, the PM spoke about a close breakthrough for the political crisis.