BAGHDAD, June 19 (AKnews)- The statements by the State of Law Coalition (SLC) MPs show that they are afraid of interrogating SLC leader, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, a Kurdish MP said.

The SLC MPs were saying that they will challenge the parties who will try to interrogate the PM inside the House of Representatives, said Farhad Atrushi, a member of the legal committee formed to prepare the files of interrogating Maliki.

Atrushi continued "but when we took the step and before preparing the files, they are judging the interrogation as unconstitutional and illegal.

"This is a proof that they are afraid of interrogation process inside the House of Representatives.

"If the PM is certain that he has not committed any illegal or unconstitutional deeds, then he should welcome the interrogation and allow for the MPs express their viewpoints."

SLC members claim that there are not any illegal files against the PM who is now challenged by many fronts.
After a number of key political leaders described Maliki as a "dictator", the MPs launched a signature campaign.

Initial reports said that more than the legal number of signatures was collected to withdraw confidence from Maliki. But the content of a letter by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani proved the opposite.

Now the MPs endeavor to impeach the PM inside the House of Representatives.