Hamid Buffy: UN wary of the political crisis as out of the right framework
On: Tuesday 06/19/2012 10:18

Arbil (news) .. MP for / Kurdish coalition blocs / Hamid Buffy, the presence of fear to the United Nations from the political process in Iraq because it deviated from the right framework, noting that the UN intervention on the line of the political crisis will be positive.
said Buffy in a statement the reporter Agency (news) on Tuesday: The United Nations has fears of the political process as the out of the correct frame because of lack of commitment by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the Constitution and Baltuaqat political. He added that the United Nations intervention in the crisis will be positive to correct the political process and return to whereby the first and abide by the constitution and Baltuaqat political. deputy accused the coalition of Kurdish blocs: the government Ptgosairha in performing services, although the general budget than the (199) billion, and there are more than (23%) live below the poverty line, as well as the lack of security. The MP for the / coalition Iraqi / Talal Hussein Zobaie, emphasized that the United Nations would intervene on the line of resolving the outstanding problems between the political parties, adding to the political blocs tend toward the deportation of crisis until the end of the electoral cycle. Zobaie said in a statement (of the Agency news): The United Nations contemporary political crises in the country since the occupation in 2003, noting that the political system of internal structure on the basis of wrong. / End / 24. for. m /