Tuesday June 19, 2012Hassan Jihad: The state law that is moving to reassure the parties implement the agreements

BAGHDAD - and babysit - MP for the Kurdistan Alliance, Hassan Jihad that the two main parties in Kurdistan, Iraq agree on the overall political issues did not mention the two parties to the withdrawal of ministers from the central government.Jihad said in a statement to the news agency of public opinion (and babysit) on Tuesday: "There should be an initiative from within the National Alliance, particularly from within the state law to move towards the Kurdistan Alliance directly and the Sadrist movement, it is logical that everyone is facing each other without a political movement ".
He added, "Despite the announcement of the rule of law support for the initiative of President Talabani, they should send messages of reassurance to all parties to implement all the terms of the Erbil and give a time limit for that."
Some of the media pointed out that the Kurdish Barzani may withdraw his ministers from the government in the event of failed attempts to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki ...