Urgent .. urgent ... serious information to remember for the first time!! Readings are unique disease Bnschertfasil President Jalal Talabani, and assurances of the impossibility of his recovery ..

19/06/2012 12:28

A source in the Kurdistan Alliance - have reservations to be named at his request - for reading information from Tzkrlaol serious time on the details of illness of President Jalal Talabani.

The source said the Kurdish president is suffering from sagging muscle sharp makes him lose control of the control muscles his chair and his bladder, causing Taboula not voluntarily, as well as the case applies to Ngoth, stressing that the condition is this is the reason he was not for a long time in any meeting or a meeting.

The source explained that aggravated the president of health made him move through the wheelchair away from the cameras, referring to his trip to Germany as a result of aggravation and Tdhorahalth health recently, stressing that the president's condition and according to doctors is not curable and that everything that is is an attempt to strengthen the muscles flabby, which is soon to return after a short period of treatment.

Talabani and suffers from successive health crises and had been transferred in 2007 to King Hussein Medical Hospital in Jordan, and remained there for weeks and then was transferred for treatment at Mayo Clinic Hospital in the United States .

Talabani also underwent surgery in one of the heart valves Mayo Clinic in Minnesota 'American' and, days after the announcement of giving a knee surgery in August of 2008. 'As for Talabani said he traveled in May 2011 for the treatment of Suphan the knee joint, which hampers his ability to walk, and traveling to the United States prior to the Arab summit in Baghdad, a male past, where he underwent treatment Mayo Clinic, the addition to his current to Germany for treatment.