"Exxon Mobil's oil contracts with the region and lead to serious wars"
Adviser to Maliki: We have information on the waiver of land for governor of Nineveh province to the Kurdistan Region
02:02:19 / 06/2012

Khandan - warned Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that contracts for ExxonMobil U.S. oil with the Kurdistan Region is a serious gesture, stressing that he would go to the "maximum degrees to preserve the national wealth," according to media adviser.
Exxon Mobil signed on October 18 last contract with the Kurdistan Regional Government to invest six oil fields, some of which falls within the disputed areas in Nineveh, which was rejected by Baghdad and considered illegal.

Geert Iraqi government and Exxon Mobil between Baghdad to work with, or to proceed with the contract with the Kurdistan Region.

Ali al-Moussawi, a media adviser to the prime minister told AFP on Tuesday that al-Maliki "sees these deals in a very serious gesture that could lead to ignite a war, because they lead to the disintegration of Iraq's unity."

He said Maliki was "ready to go to the extreme scores in order to preserve the national wealth, and the necessary transparency in the investment of wealth, especially oil and Iraqis do not waste them in any way, whether in the style of the contract or in nature"

He continued that "the prime minister and when he got the information about the contract and that Exxon Mobil is the conclusion of agreements, last week sent a letter to President Barack Obama urging him to intervene to prevent Exxon Mobil from going in that direction."

Musawi's comments came against the backdrop of an interview for the governor of Nineveh Ethel Nujaifi did not rule out the possibility that his province become a party to the agreement between the Kurdistan Region and Exxon Mobil.

Najafi said in the interview with the "site of Iraq's oil" in response to a question about whether he wants to be one of the signatory parties "must be part of this contract (...) Of course it can not be my decision alone, but will be the decision of the provincial council."

"I think that we have the same power and authority enjoyed by the Kurdistan Regional Government. In the Constitution, there is no difference between the provinces and territories", asserting that he met with representatives from Exxon Mobil.

Moussawi stressed that "the Prime Minister can not let pass such contracts not only to the Kurdistan Regional Government and local governments."

He said the information obtained by the government, "confirm the existence of a deal with the governor of Nineveh province provide for the waiver bar for a distance of 10 km of the province of Dohuk within the Kurdistan Region, and includes this tape and judicial Sheikhan Qush who Ahoian twenty billion barrels of oil."
Commenting on the statements Najafi al-Moussawi told AFP, saying "I did not export our agreement on anything," adding, "This warning is misplaced, you should sit down and reach an understanding on the subject, and the call of the fight is not an indicator of Wisdom.