Urgent / Images and compelling documentation proving the forgery and fraud practiced by al-Alwani and al-Janabi .. Photos and documents attached
Date: Mon, 06/18/2012 23:22

Iraq's network of law. Particular

got network Iraq law on documents compelling with photos, to prove the fraud practiced by MPs Khalid al-Alwani and the appearance of al-Janabi, and that when sent two people rather than them to perform the exam in the University for Peace, "School of Sheikh Mohammed Alexanzaúa"
has tried to MPs lie to the news himself by publishing "site Iraq law ", when the claimed invalidity of the charge, and even the norm of the Vice-Iraqiya, which used the language of threats and intimidation against the promoters of this news. documents, pictures, below, shows beyond a shadow of doubt, the process of fraud practiced by the Congress of the Iraqi list "Atwani and al-Janabi " hoping of the Integrity Commission to immediately punished as they deserve the punishment because of the scandal. read too .. Scandal of the caliber!!! . Click here to continue ( i have the link that you are to click below this)

Two deputies for the Iraqi List Arslanan two people to perform them rather than the final exam at a university civil .. And the disaster that one of them is the decision of the Integrity Commission!!
MPs, Khalid al-Alwani, "Decision of the Commission Parliamentary Integrity" and the appearance of al-Janabi, "Member of the Commission on Security and Defense,"
a special network of Iraqi law - Baghdad you will be questioned by MPs on the background of this case and what the nature of the measures to be taken against them ???

been caught MPs Khalid Abdullah Muhsin al-Alwani and appearance of Khidr Nasser al-Janabi, from the list, Tradition "studying law," red-handed during the performance of the final examinations, so when I found out the university administration that deputies may put other people do the performance test for them. In the details, it was stated special source of network Iraq law that during the performance of the final examinations, came to the University for Peace, "School of Sheikh Mohammed Alexanzana" two people claim they were MPs appearance Khader Janabi and Khalid Abdullah Al-Alwani, in order to perform the exam being the students where they loaded identities parliamentary, but the surprise that held San supervisor the exam room is that those Alhoatan return again to me Hamelihma and not Aazavia Parliament in the sense that the picture in the identity of parliamentary identical to the holder either names goes back to the two deputies counterfeiters, "Alwani and Janabi!" The source added that the supervisor of the exam room knows personally Aazavia Parliament concerned examination, so Saoura doubt and began to check the validity of identities .. When he felt these people that their plan judge the performance of the exam instead of two MPs have been revealed to escape from the exam room, leaving behind them the scandal loud. But these two counterfeiters were Gbeyen Cgaba MPs who UCLA have the task of performing the exam on their behalf and that when they left their identity Almzortan and fired their feet to the Wind cover of said for them this heinous act to try folding this issue and, like other scandals Vfattha Before I discovered the truth and circumstances involved in the mud and Tzoaradtha. It is worth mentioning that there is great pressure exerted by the Iraqi List, subject to close at any price, to avoid scandal