Haider Al-Mulla: the charges and evidence relating to interrogate al-Maliki will be ready in two weeks.
18/06/2012 09:23:00

BAGHDAD / Nina / Haider Al-Mulla a member of the legal committee of collecting the charges and evidence to question the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said that the committee has set a time limit for two weeks. "
He told the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina /: "The Committee which was formed by the gathering of 160 MPs has agreed to accomplish the task of collecting the charges and evidence related to question al-Maliki as soon as possible and set a time not more than two weeks."
Mulla said: "The issues that the Prime Minister will be questioned for are concerning violations which affected the law and the constitution as well as the security file, and violations of human rights and charges related to financial and administrative corruption.
He explained, "The national forces represented by 160 MPs have the determination to precede the process of questioning the Prime Minister in preparation for the withdrawal of confidence."
It is worth mentioning that the political forces gathering of 160 MPs are seeking to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister has formed a legal committee made up of six MPs to put the questions. / End