Activation of Article 140 and the Minister of Defence of the Iraqi List, Sadrists and closing files forever
I got (people) from very reliable sources on the details of a deal to keep confidence in the Prime Minister against the gains and the demands of front-confidence.
Sources told (people): President Jalal Talabani and Iranian figures entered on the window line and improve the atmosphere of reconciliation between Maliki and rivals indicating that the mediators extracted pledges from the Prime Minister for political reform and democracy and to achieve a real partnership with other powers.
The sources said the deal to keep the trust included the activation of Article 140 of the disputed territories, including Kirkuk and the obligation to grant the Kurdistan region full entitlement of the general budget, amounting to 17 percent either pay the Peshmerga have suggested al-Maliki converted to parliament for a vote because it is greater than the powers of the Prime Minister.
The benefits the Iraqi List, has shown the sources said Maliki had agreed to the appointment of Secretary of Defense nominee that the Iraqi List, choose one of three names and coincides with the appointment of a Minister of the Interior nominated by the National Alliance on the block make it clear that a coalition of state law.
In the same context, sources close to the Sadrist movement that the current leader Muqtada al-Sadr insisted on a specific requirement is not waving any file refers to accuse the Sadrists any charges and the closure of these files permanently, including the file killing of Abdul Majid al-Khoei and file kidnapping mission staff and file employees of the Olympic Committee, noting Sadr confirms that the Sadrist movement has nothing to do, and care of the files and link them by waving trend means to keep the case of any doubt and mistrust remain between the government and the Sadrists, which keeps the relationship is not stable.