Sent wife a House of Representatives of the Iraqi List, called (b p) message news agency Shatt al-Arab, claimed the that her husband received the amount of one million dollars in cash from the son of Prime Minister Ahmad al-Maliki, and deputy state law Izzat Shabandar in the tribes have withdrawn his signature from the list provided by the forces of Erbil to the President.
The wife says in her letter "Dear Brothers in the agency Shatt al-Arab national, send you Tzlma this in order to make it my people oppressed the helpless and you ample appreciation in advance, I'm citizenship (GEF), wife of a deputy of the Iraqi List, was my husband who had signed a document withdraw confidence from the unjust ruling, we strongly imposed foreign countries America and Iran, but the receipt of a bribe of one million dollars for the benefit of the dictator stay in office!
Was presented by him in our house two people are the young man in his twenties I learned later that Ahmad, son of Nuri al-Maliki and another person in his fifties I learned that the first adviser to Maliki and his replacement in the parliament, a deputy Izzat Shabandar.
And the Secretariat of the husband refused to initially receive the amount, but the urgency and intimidate and entice the visitors to our home in the middle of the night to make my husband give up his patriotism, principles and morals and religion and sells them to the tyrant of the new for one million dollars received except in cash in a suitcase medium after he said his son al-Maliki Thread We recognized nine deputies from the Iraqi and the same amount you X?!
It is important I asked for a divorce from my husband bribed, who refused to Ttaliqi, and through this National Agency gave my husband seven days and did not do I will send each of the media did not Video image to your mobile for the Shah Bandar and Al-Maliki small and the amount of one million dollars and a portion of the meeting in our home with sound, image and expose my husband and his . "
And can not be told the news of the Shatt al-Arab to ensure the health and personal posted Speech in the letter and the writer via e-mail correspondence for a visual or audio documents alleged in the letter, and if access to Mtabaana we will post them soon.