Algehiche announce his withdrawal from the Iraqi List
Monday, June 18, 2012 12:55

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. MP for the Iraqi List, Osman Algehiche his withdrawal from the Iraqi List, noting that he no longer belongs to any list or block certain.
He said Algehiche at a news conference, Monday, and attended / Baghdadiya News / he "declared his independence and his withdrawal from the Iraqi List, given the many differences and problems and the crisis of confidence among politicians in the parliament and personal interests to the interest of the Iraqi individual, which reflected negatively on the deteriorating security situation and service, economic, and caused the disrupt important projects in the Iraqi parliament in addition to the presence of "mafias" financial and administrative corruption and political crises that exploit. "
He Algehiche that "the greater the differences increased theft of money for the mafia of the Iraqi people."
He Algehiche that "he must pause, MP-elect does not represent a hundred thousand citizens, but represents the whole people, not elected to lift his hand or reduce it when ordered to do so."
He said it was "a great responsibility before God Almighty and we have traveled by road section on the front of our people and Ovaoua So the people." He Algehiche "I'll be working in the House of Representatives to serve the Iraqi people to control and hold accountable those responsible As a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee," noting that "any official will prove his involvement in a corruption case will be referred to the Committee on Integrity whatever anyone belongs." / Finished / 21