Integrity: Iraqi officials refuse to disclose their net worth and others deposited their wealth in foreign banks
By: Bayyna
Date: Monday 18/6/2012 8:32

BAGHDAD / new evidence
failed the Integrity Commission in achieving the minimum, which is planning his statements receivables finance to government officials. According to a report of the Commission, that with the approaching end of the half-year has revealed IPCC reports that the response included in the presidency
and the cabinet did not exceed 25 percent The decreased ratio in the House of Representatives to less than 14 percent while the rose among conservatives for more than 33 percent . A source in the Integrity Commission that the statements we have obtained a lot of fraud and deception as well as that many officials moved their money to foreign banks or bought property in other countries can not be detectedon the integrity and knowledge of its true value. The source said that more countries where financial assets and real estate and investments with Iraqi officials are Jordan, the UAE, England, America, Norway,Sweden, Denmark and Lebanon.