Urgent .. 6% of the (2-3) million dollars into the pockets of some politicians, per day of sale transactions in central bank currency!!

14/06/2012 20:54

BAGHDAD / Knights of hope A source at the Ministry of Finance that the process of buying and selling of the dollar in accordance with the policy of Central Bank of Iraq auction mechanism for the benefit of a group of politicians and government officials, and they framed the law of its own .The source said that "This process allows for the five banks, civil and 22 political figure, and 10 dealers only benefit from them," explaining that "the process of buying and selling the inverse of the customers to the central and the contrary lead to a profit on the amount of sales per day at a rate between 3-4 million dollars, and that 6% goes
.to the pockets of some politicians.

He said "the process of diversion of funds to outside Iraq deliberate as it is done through a network of transfer companies that are not subject to any government control of financial, so the large sums lose the general budget annually goes to the categories of beneficiaries of the political elites, and behind them merchants through
the process of selling currency Auction in the Central Bank of Iraq. "