MP Jamal Al-Kilani from the list that the Iraqi parliament session next be held on 21 of the current month will be held on schedule, and that the committees formed for the purpose of preparing to question Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki continues Pthouderadtha to provide files and processing questions for interrogation .

He said al-Kilani, told the independent press (Iba) The closing session of the House of Representatives after it has been postponed for time I will be timing specified will not be delayed again, and during this period will end the committees formed for the purpose of preparing files, questions and topics of questioning in addition to providing legal arguments on this issue.

Kilani said we expect to hold the meeting there will be no delay in the contract, and that the subject of ongoing Iraqi no-confidence, especially as the other party in reference to the state law did not initiate anything positive, even change the Iraqi position.

He pointed out that the rule of law has all the powers which that should take the initiative to reform and give to the other blocks to change their positions, including Iraq, but adherence to the rule of law stance toward the other blocks is what made those blocks stick to their demands and decisions, including the withdrawal of confidence