For the third time in Diyala .. The fall of four mortar shells southwest of Baquba

A security source in the province of Diyala, Saturday, the fall of four new shells on the vicinity of an agricultural village southwest of Baquba, while confirmed that this bombing of the third kind in the province during the day.

The source told "Al-Gharab Press" that "four mortar shells landed in the evening on the perimeter of the village of Arab Jabar in the area of ​​Bani Saad southwest of the city of Baquba, without any human damage," stressing that "the bombing of Bani Saad is the third of its kind within the so-called Day of the Huns in Diyala province. "

He added that "the shells were fired from one of the orchards surrounding the area," adding that "the security services opened an investigation into the incident."

The village of Abu Karma in Abu Sidon, northeast of Diyala, was shelled this evening, four mortar shells, while shelling the large area north of Diyala this morning with 6 mortar shells, wounding a woman and a child injured.

The province of Diyala, from time to time, acts of violence targeting both civilians and security forces, while the security services carry out raids and searches throughout the province, resulting in the arrest of dozens of wanted persons who are "sleeper cells" to organize a preacher in the province, Elements of organization.