BAGHDAD (Iba) - A source familiar with the legal committee of the Community of 160 deputy, who works for a no-confidence in the government of Nouri al-Maliki will meet on Sunday in order to complete the legal procedures to file question the prime minister Nuri al-Maliki and the work of no confidence in his government. The source, who spoke on condition not to be named, told the correspondent of the independent press (Iba) said on Saturday that the Legal Committee referred to is that emerged from the meeting of Irbil consultation last and that cost to collect evidence and complete the legal procedures to ensure that the motion far end of the parliamentary recess current. The source revealed that members of the committee Legal are each, Salim al and Haider Mulla for the Iraqi List and bright Nagy and the Prince Kanani on the mass of the Liberals and Mohsen Saadoun, Khalid Shwani from the Kurdistan Alliance. The source confirmed that the limits of the Commission's task will be to prepare and file the charges and collect evidence, examine and audit and create a file interrogation, as well as the nomination of the appropriate for the management of interrogation and the collection of signatures needed to be done to provide a complete file of interrogation before the start of the next legislative term