Baghdad, June 15 (Rn) - A coalition of Iraqi Friday that the letter of President Jalal Talabani to the front of Arbil with dimensions "sectarian" because of his insistence that the prime minister of the maturity of Shiite Sadrist movement, while pointing out that this is linked to al-Maliki.

Revealed a letter of reply, and her face to the front of Erbil Talabani included four reasons led him to not to sign the request to withdraw most notably the confidence that the prime minister went to the Shiite majority "may not be jumping on them," a request to withdraw confidence, but switched its representative for prime minister.

Talabani refused to send a request to withdraw the confidence of the House and announced his commitment and his party the option of recourse to the national meeting, which had called for more than three months.

The MP for the coalition in Iraq to meet with the pink, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that Talabani's message "means the work according to the principle of sectarian and ethnic groups."

She said: "President Talabani was pressured regional and internal, especially from the ruling party (the party of the call). This paid embarrassed."

Talabani called for in the letter attributed to him not to "provocation" and said he would resign if forced to change his convictions regarding the withdrawal of confidence.

In parallel, criticized the block free of the Sadrist movement and the message said that Talabani's signature on the request to withdraw confidence does not mean looting benefits the National Alliance.

The leader of the Bloc Jubouri Jawad's (Rn) "Perhaps the most important thing, who missed the message content Talabani is that the signature does not mean robbery or withdraw the benefits of the National Alliance. The Sadrist movement is the guarantor of the benefits of that waiver does not accept it."

Maliki's critics have stepped up their meetings to get out of the consolidated version pave the way for isolating the latter from office through the ballot in the House of Representatives, after accusing him of exclusivity power.

Participating coalition, the Iraqi government and al-Maliki has about eight ministers. Sadr is also involved with most of the service ministries with the participation of the Kurds.

The prime minister's supporters say he is dealing according to the law and asked his critics to amend the Constitution which granted broad powers by the criticism.