Sadrists: We will not scare us, threats of Maliki's coalition and talk about open files directed against the sons of our tendency
Posted 14/06/2012 09:53 AM

BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation"
was considered "Liberal bloc" represented by the Sadrist movement threatened the coalition of "state law" led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki files to be displayed for the officials in the event the last question in the House of Representatives as a prompt to the sons of the Sadr movement.

Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr
A member of the cluster Hasnawi Jawad said, "These files are files like Tariq al-Hashimi al-Maliki, which he said he owned three years ago," adding that "this matter is the cover-up which in itself is a crime punished by law if they are calling for the law and constitutional institutions."
He stressed Hasnawi on "The files in which possession is part of the intimidation and the threat of lining and is directed more than once to the sons of the line movement to include under the Article 4 terrorism, as happened in 2007 in the" Charge of the Knights "and we call it" Qaddissiya Basra ", and will not scare us, new threats, whether critical or new mother of all battles, and the matter to Parliament for the determination of Itna to move no-confidence and to stop clinging to power and self-called threats and intimidation and even on a new outreach to eliminate this habit of trying to have a full authority under his command. "
The members of Maliki's coalition threatened to specific files to be displayed in the event of MPs to question the prime minister in the House of Representatives as part of confidence with him.